Alberto Bellone

Italian ophthalmologist and eye surgeon

Dr. Alberto Bellone is a leading Italian ophthalmologist and eye surgeon, internationally renowned for advanced keratoconus treatments, vision correction and cataract surgery.

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Turin in 1996 and specialised at the same University in Ophthalmology in 2000.

Is one of the best and most successful Italian refractive surgeons and, in particular, deals with:

Cataract surgery with high-tech IOL implants

Performed the first Panoptix trifocal lens implant procedures

Has also acquired a wealth of experience in the management of multifocal and toric IOLs

Has implanted hundreds of multifocal IOL lenses

Preventative keratoconus surgery by corneal cross-linking and insertion of intrastromal corneal rings

Excimer laser surgery

Phakic IOL implant: certified surgeon by the American company Staar

In June 2016, he fitted the first ICL Evo+ V5 lens implants in Italy

An established vitreo-retinal surgeon, performing routine minimally invasive vitrectomies and has so far performed over 350 27-gauge vitrectomies.

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