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Glaucoma is a slowly progressive disease characterized by the rise of pressure inside the eye, a measure that is commonly carried out during eye examination.


The increase in pressure, which is commonly measured in the arm by a family doctor, is perceptible to the patient only when it has caused a serious and now irreversible loss of vision.

If diagnosed early, it can be cured in most cases with simple eye drops, or even with the application of a particular technique, called pneumotrabeculoplasty, that is capable of normalizing the pressure, freeing one from the bondage of using eye drops.

If not diagnosed in time, glaucoma advances causing a reduction in the amplitude of the visual field and progresses slowly over the years up to the so-called “telescope field of vision”, the last stage before blindness. This is the importance of early diagnosis so as to undergo the appropriate preventive checks at the right time.

Glaucoma is an increasingly frequent pathology that affects people after a certain age (say from mature age to presenile age, to senile age) and is still an important cause of blindness in our advanced world.

Glaucoma is being fought in various ways but basically lowering the eye pressure and this can be done by reducing the production of the liquid or by increasing the outflow of the aqueous humor of the eye. All therapies usually use this method, eye drops mostly to increase the outflow and reduce production. On the corner, traditional lasers favor the outflow of the aqueous humor, even in surgery.

There is a new method which is that of the 810 nanometer micropulsed laser, therefore the wavelength is that of the infrared. Thanks to the fact that it is micropulsed, this laser allows a cyclo-photoablation of the ciliary body and practically creates a shock on the part of the eye dedicated to the production of the aqueous humor. There is no destruction of the ciliary body as was the case with lasers but with the micropulsed there is only a reduction in the production of the aqueous humor.

Thanks to the micropulsation of the impulse, we can go to act on open angle glaucomas, on glaucomas that are simply refractory to therapy, without precluding any treatment in the future.

We are talking about a new, repeatable treatment that is done with the eye closed, therefore not in a sterile environment. It can be done on an outpatient basis, causes average pain that can last a maximum of 24 hours and has the ability to reduce the pressure by about 30%, for at least 18 months, according to the studies we have available today. It is very promising and opens new frontiers to the treatment of simple chronic glaucoma.

The big news is that the impulses are micropulsed, therefore they do not have a photo-destructive, only reducing the amount of activity of the ciliary body, without destroying them.

The ciliary processes are the basis of the life’s metabolism of the eye. It cannot be played with. They are destroyed only in extreme cases, while with the micropulsed laser we can go to simply reduce its activity in a repeatable, non-invasive, very low risk kind of treatment.

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