Femto Laser: Do You Know It?

We have at our disposal in Via Pantano 2, in the new headquarters of the Blue Eye Clinic in Milan, the most modern technologies for what concerns the treatment of cataracts with femtolaser.

The femtolaser is a robot that is used by the surgeon and is capable of cutting transparent tissues with a beam of light, therefore a scalpel that does not need a blade. This scalpel is able to build any design we want inside the eye and this allows to cut the lens, to cut the lens capsule and to cut the cornea and therefore has a huge field of application in ophthalmology. It arrives directly on the fabric that interests us; it cuts the crystalline into slices, into squares, into cubes, in the shape we want, and then the surgeon only has to go inside the eye and remove the small pieces that the laser has created. It also creates the main cut on the anterior capsule, the opening to reach the lens, to access it, in a perfect, adjustable way, of the diameter we want and this is very important in those patients who have advanced cataracts, of white cataracts, where surgical execution of capsulotomy could be difficult.

It also performs all possible cuts in the cornea and therefore has the application in LASIK, in creating flaps and then on refractive surgery with excimer laser. It is applied in the implantation of intrastromal rings because it creates the tunnel in the cornea in which the intrastromal ring is then inserted. It also is applied in the new SMILE technique, which consists the removal of a corneal lenticule and therefore having an intrastromal refractive purpose. Finally, it is applied in cornea transplants as well.

Therefore, the femtolaser is a technology that must be used and must be within the reach of the ophthalmologist. In this office in Via Pantano 2 we even have two femtolaser and therefore we can indulge ourselves in both refractive and conservative surgery of cataracts.

The Femto Laser or Femtosecond Laser is a laser surgery procedure for ophthalmic use that enables the production of very small corneal resections.

It is called “femto” because the pulse duration is of the order of femtoseconds (1 femtosecond = 1 quadrillionth of a second). Recall that light takes 1 second to go around the world 7.5 times, while 100 femtoseconds is what it takes to cross the thickness of a hair strand. Thanks to the very short duration of the pulse, collateral tissue damage is reduced. This makes it safe for use in corneal surgeries which require exquisite precision.

The action of the Femto Laser is ideal for the treatment of refractive defects like myopia, astigmatism, and hypermetropia. It guarantees extremely high-quality surface work thanks to the high precision in obtaining the desired thickness with a perfect control of the cut, the diameter, and the length of the incisions.

It is excellent for the treatment of cataracts (Femto Cataract Surgery). The flap perfection obtained with the Femto Laser allows the precision of thickness, width, diameter, hinge, and position of the same with errors within 10 microns.

The Femto Laser is also used for the preparation of tunnels for the insertion of the intrastromal rings for keratoconus that allows for greater ease in preparing the cut with a depth of up to 600 microns. It also allows for greater control of the variability of the parameters.

It can also be used in keratoplasty, preparing a perfect circular cut up to 1200 microns that minimizes post-intervention corneal deformation.