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Femto Laser: Do You Know It?

The Femto Laser or Femtosecond Laser is a laser surgery procedure for ophthalmic use that enables the production of very small corneal resections.

It is called “femto” because the pulse duration is of the order of femtoseconds (1 femtosecond = 1 quadrillionth of a second). Recall that light takes 1 second to go around the world 7.5 times, while 100 femtoseconds is what it takes to cross the thickness of a hair strand. Thanks to the very short duration of the pulse, collateral tissue damage is reduced. This makes it safe for use in corneal surgeries which require exquisite precision.

The action of the Femto Laser is ideal for the treatment of refractive defects like myopia, astigmatism, and hypermetropia. It guarantees extremely high-quality surface work thanks to the high precision in obtaining the desired thickness with a perfect control of the cut, the diameter, and the length of the incisions.

It is excellent for the treatment of cataracts (Femto Cataract Surgery). The flap perfection obtained with the Femto Laser allows the precision of thickness, width, diameter, hinge, and position of the same with errors within 10 microns.

The Femto Laser is also used for the preparation of tunnels for the insertion of the intrastromal rings for keratoconus that allows for greater ease in preparing the cut with a depth of up to 600 microns. It also allows for greater control of the variability of the parameters.

It can also be used in keratoplasty, preparing a perfect circular cut up to 1200 microns that minimizes post-intervention corneal deformation.

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