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The Zeiss AT LISA ® multifocal IOL family is the ideal solution for all those patients who, either suffering from cataract or presbyopia, with or without astigmatism, desire greater independence from glasses and lead a more active lifestyle.

What does LISA mean?
LISA is an acronym that stands for:
L = Light distributed asymmetrically between far, intermediate and near for a better intermediate vision and an exceptional reduction of halos and glare
I = Independence from the pupillary diameter. Thanks to a particular diffractive-refractive microstructure that covers the entire optical diameter (6.0 mm)
S = Smooth Microphase (SMP) is a cutting-edge technology to guarantee a surface of the lens with micro-prisms without sharp edges and right angles and an image quality
A = Asphericity of the optics for the correction of aberrations and to preserve the best sensitivity to the contrast and the maximum depth of field.

AT LISA® tri 839MP represents the ideal solution.
AT LISA tri represents the 3rd generation of ZEISS multifocal IOLs. This lens is based on the well-known high-performance AT LISA platform but with improved intermediate vision. The AT LISA tri 839MP preloaded trifocal IOL is able to offer the patient an excellent functional vision, not only for near and far but also at intermediate distances. It guarantees anyone the chance to lead an active life without glasses.

A truly unparalleled intermediate vision: the intermediate vision with the 815MP AT LISA has no equal when compared to the performance of a trifocal convoluted IOL or an apodized bifocal IOL.

The following diagram shows the comparison between the intermediate vision offered by the IOL AT LISA tri and the trifocal convoluted and bifocal apodized IOLs. AT LISA tri 839MP shows a far better performance in intermediate vision, even in low light conditions.

AT LISA tri 839MP

Cutting-edge trifocal optics for optimal vision: AT LISA tri 839MP represents an important step forward in support of the new lifestyle of the most demanding patients. This brand new MICS trifocal IOL is the result of years of experience in developing optical designs that meet the highest expectations, efficient and predictable, suitable for a wide range of patients. The optical zone of AT LISA tri 839MP ensures an increase of close to +3.33 D for a comfortable reading distance and an increase of intermediate vision of +1.66 D, without compromising vision for near and far distances.

Unrivalled global light transmission: The refractive-diffractive profile, designed to enhance the intermediate vision through the central optic of the IOL AT LISA tri, increases the overall light transmission efficiency with an average percentage equal to 85.7%. Reinforced by the Smooth Microphase (SMP) technology used for the design of the lens surface, AT LISA tri does not present acute angles on the optics in favor of an ideal image quality, with reduced light diffusion. With AT LISA tri, even the most demanding patients will be able to enjoy clear vision at all distances, maintaining contrast sensitivity and reducing visual disturbances.

AT LISA tri has fewer rings on the IOL optical surface to reduce potential visual disturbances and provide better night vision:

at-lisa-superficieat lisa trifocal testimonial

AT LISA tri for short
AT LISA tri uses the most advanced IOL technology for presbyopia correction, offering optimal visual results to a large group of patients. Patients will have the impression of regaining the vision they had when they were young, as the new trifocal AT LISA tri offers them the guarantee of an active life without glasses. AT LISA tri 839MP is a reliable IOL that allows increasing the patient base for multifocal IOL implantation candidates.