PanOptix Trifocal IOL – Dr. Alberto Bellone

The AT-IOL (High-Tech Intra-Ocular Lens) PanOptix combines all the benefits of the experience gained from previous versions and stands at the apex of the multifocal intra-ocular lens range. The Multi-Focal PanOptix Lens has 3 lens powers, so it is called trifocal: the first focus ensures vision from afar, the second focus is at about 65 cm focal point and allows an optimal vision at nearer distances, like when using a PC.

PanOptix Trifocal IOL 1

The third lens power is at about 35 cm focal point and allows for reading closely. Thanks to ENLIGHTEN Optical Technology (ENhanced LIGHT ENergy) which replicates the performance of a healthy crystalline lens of a youthful age, AcrySoft IQ PanOptix is the natural choice for the advanced correction of presbyopia. The new Trifocal PanOptix Lens is designed to fill the gaps in previous bifocal lens models. Compared to the latter, it is much less light and pupil-dependent; in fact, it allows you to see more clearly even in suboptimal light conditions. They are built with hydrophobic acrylic material with a yellow chromophore that simulates the human crystalline lens and filters the harmful rays that may reach the retina. The aspheric lens reduces aberrations: the halos and blurs. This is a schematic image of the representation of the front light wave and how it is refracted from the lens to the retina.

PanOptix Trifocal IOL 2

The time is ripe for our patients to have the right not to settle for a mediocre product and seek for themselves the best that life can offer them.

PanOptix Trifocal IOL 3
Use of optimized light in an intraocular lens for presbyopia correction. It transmits 88% of the light with a pupil diameter of 3.0 mm to help provide a clear view at all distances.

Designed for a comfortable viewing range from near to intermediate. Provides a natural focal point intermediate to 60 cm, preferred to perform daily tasks such as computer work, compared to the distance of 80 cm provided by other trifocal lenses. Less dependence on the size of the pupil. It has a 4.5 mm diffractive area designed to optimize performance in all lighting conditions. My experience of over 300 high-tech astigmatic, multifocal intraocular lens implants and the new PanOptix three-pole lens allows me to offer all patients a wide range of solutions for the correction of presbyopia in the case of cataracts or refractive crystalline extraction.


Cataract surgery is of very low impact to the patient in terms of pain and necessary post-intervention rehabilitative time. It is the most widely performed surgery in the world and in Italy: about 500 thousand are done every year. We provide patients with the means to rejuvenate their vision and a performance like when they were at 20 years old.


Patients whom are beyond the age of 50 and presented with problems in close vision now have a technologically available, safe, and long-lasting opportunity to correct all their visual defects. The new frontier of eye surgery is, therefore, the replacement of the natural crystalline lens with an artificial one, that is completely transparent and absolutely lasting over time. With two great advantages: the refractive defect is solved and a cataract intervention is prevented that would have been the case in the later years.
We have gone from the refractive cataract surgery to the refractive surgery of the crystalline lens. The new diagnosis is therefore intermediate and is precisely on the crystalline lens that already presents some insufficiencies, even without showing opacity that is still significantly invalidating to the patient.