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Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS) in a Patient With ICL

Video Transcription:

We present a case of cataract extraction using the VICTUS Femtosecond Laser that is performed at the Blue Eye Clinic in Milan, on an elevated myopic patient, who had undergone a PRK laser treatment 20 years ago which then gave a partially positive outcome, as the patient had then an implantation of a toric ICL phakic lens. The ICL phakic lens was implanted and the refractive result was optimal; the patient then developed a posterior sub-capsular cataract of myopic origin about ten years later.

We are increasingly confronted with the reality of operating femtolaser patients who had undergone refractive surgery with phakic lenses.

It can be seen very well, after the use of the docking system, how the relations of the ICL with the lens are optimal, i.e., the vaulting is good and therefore the cause of the cataract is not attributable to the ICL.

After docking, the anterior and posterior surface of the lens is marked by OCT for recognition and the machine accepts our edit; after which the anterior capsule is unrolled, the treatment is marked and slightly widened so that it can be fully understood; as always, we center our treatment on the bag, double-check that the entire capsule is inside the femtolaser treatment (as you can see from this image, with the two purple lines) and finally, the technician begins.

As soon as the frame is green, the surgeon presses the femtolaser pedal and it begins the treatment. We see the treatment of the anterior capsule that generates small bubbles, which go slightly to push the ICLs forward. Then, we move to the fragmentation of the lens during the second phase of the treatment; you can see how the ICL does not affect the treatment of cataracts with femtolaser at all, on the contrary, you can see very well the relationship of the two and you can also see the safety with which the ICL has accompanied the patient for all these years.

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