Visian ICL VIVA: 1st Implant in Italy for Presbyopia Correction

30 years after the world’s first ICL phakic lens implant by Prof. P. M. Pesando and Dr. M. P. Ghiringhello, today we are finally witnessing the first surgery in Italy, as well as one of the first in Europe, of the Visian ICL VIVA phakic lens implant, the brand new V6 lens for the correction of presbyopia by Dr. Alberto Bellone with the assistance of Dr. MP Ghiringhello.

The surgery was performed at the Aurora Clinic, Banchette Ivrea, with the aid of a Leica M844 microscope and the shots were taken with a GOPRO camera in 4k.

The implant technique is the same as for the traditional ICL lens. The VIVA lens features the addition of another hole, which must be positioned on the right, proximal haptic part, or on the left distal one. Therefore, it will be on the upper right or lower left, judging by looking at the patient’s eye under a slit lamp for pupil mydriasis.

2 December 2022, we are at the Aurora Clinic in Banchette Ivrea and we have the first ICL Viva lens implant for presbyopes; we are thirty years after the first ICL phakic lens implant in the world made by Dr. Pesando in Aosta in 1993 and after almost thirty years we have the honor of having the first ICL phakic lens implant in Italy for the correction of presbyopia. We have finally selected the first patient, which the company provided us with, and we are ready to perform the first operation.