Patient Testimonials

One of the best ophthalmologists..if not really the best his field.

Manuela Laganá

Maximum availability and expertise. All the staff works synergistically to offer excellent service. The professor then is an absolute guarantee, I can not help but recommend!

Luigi Forestiere

Dr. Alberto Bellone is a rare quality professional, both as a surgeon and as a man.
The structure is just as qualified.
I recommend it …. with your eyes closed ;-)
Personal experience using gas operation vitrectomy for macular pucker ….. amazing result.
Thanks Dr. Alberto Bellone and his collaborator Dr. Ennio …. whose last name I only know.

Anna e Mauro

I was operated on by Professor Bellone for hypermetropia with intraocular lens transplant last month, very welcoming staff, impeccable medical team and the outcome of the intervention is excellent.

Paolo Romano

I recently moved to Milan for work and this clinic was recommended for an astigmatism correction operation. I found myself really well from the first moment, with the kind staff and the very competent professor, the intervention was very quick and decisive.

Maurizio Grosso

I accompanied my daughter to do corrective laser surgery at this property, after hearing very positive opinions on the work of Professor Bellone, and I can confirm, with great satisfaction, the extreme professionalism and kindness.
From now on we will only follow him.

Antonella Parisi

Thanks to Professor Bellone for correcting my serious myopia by allowing me to not have to wear glasses that I could no longer stand. A praise also to the rest of the clinic staff for the welcome and kindness that give an additional sense of security.

Giuseppe Sferlazzo

I was a guest at this facility last week to be operated on by Dr. Bellone and I can only give the highest marks for structure, hospitality and care received.

Emanuele Lisandri

Tired of wearing glasses, on the advice of a friend, I turned to him and I’m glad I did. Vision totally recovered, 9/10, bye bye glasses, I only regret not having done it before!

Antonio Spinato

Great professional, perfect and rapid intervention. High level structure and staff too.

Lorenzo Bruno

Excellent experience, corrected myopia with laser in no time and without any discomfort. Very professional and helpful surgeon and clinic staff. Recommended!

Massimo Comosotti

A very positive experience both in terms of structure and service, Professor Bellone and his team are extremely competent and available from the first post intervention consultation.

Marta Capello

Advanced clinic, competent doctor and absolute professionalism.

Stefano Pretis

Excellent ophthalmologist if not the best in Turin, he treated my keratoconus, a problem in which he is the most specialized. Full marks also for the structure and the staff who work there.

Gerry Trenta

Very professional .. supported by a great staff. I recommend..

Giovanni Arras

I thank Dr. Bellone for the professionalism and competence demonstrated in having treated my keratoconus, he has been available and scrupulous to explain every applied therapy. I highly recommend him to everyone. Number 1!!!

Claudio Cairo

Big thank you to Dr. Bellone who operated my cataract with excellent results.
Great competence and professionalism and sense of security: 10 and praise

Lorenzo Belletti

I had keratoconus problems. Doctor Bellone has performed with extreme skill and precision both of my eyes (intrastomal rings). Not only I removed the glasses but after only one month I have my vision at 9 tenths. Thank you doctor.

Giuseppe Giordanetti

My partner and his brother underwent myopia correction surgery with lens insertion under the cornea, in addition to a keratoconus treatment. Dr. Bellone is professional, good and inspires great confidence.

Silvia Cavallo

I wanted to thank Dr. Bellone for giving me back my sight, thanks doctor

Paolo Pichilli

Being able to see is the most beautiful Christmas gift I could receive … thanks to your intervention, Dr. Bellone, in Susa on Monday December 17th. !! … I wish you happy holidays .. a patient from Condove ..


My heartfelt thanks Dr. Alberto Bellone.

Last week I underwent vitrectomy surgery on the dominant eye; thanks to his professionalism and competence, the intervention was successful in the best way and my visual field has improved.
Herewith I would like to communicate the professional and human aspects of the medical staff who dealt with me during the surgery: the high-level technical-surgical professional skills were demonstrated, accessibility in relating with the medical staff was easy, the constant provision of explanations and update on the evolution of the intervention were given. They kept me calm and peaceful during the surgery.

Best wishes to Dr. Bellone


Dear Dr. Bellone,

Today is my birthday and I think you gave me the best gift. Yes because since you operated on me I have seen without glasses and without contact lenses for the first time in forty years.
Of course, the vision is still not perfect, especially up close, but I am very satisfied.
Thank you for taking care of me so carefully and for this I wish to leave you a small symbolic memory.

This pen was built with the picture that Van Gogh painted in honor of the doctor who had treated him and I thought it might remind you of my gratitude.
It is a small thought, but it is done with the heart.
Thanks again.


I must say that Dr. Bellone is a great professional, who solved serious vision problems for me. I was extremely satisfied and will continue to be his client whenever I need him. I would recommend him to everyone as a trusted ophthalmologist. My trust in him is at maximum.

Francesco Cordero di Pamparato

I have to thank Dr. Bellone who solved my son’s keratoconus problem after losing 5 years with useless and expensive visits. Now it is finally under control and hopefully continue so for the next few years!

Rino Cerbe

Thanks … thanks … and thanks again. It is the only word that for now comes from the bottom of my heart … with tears in my eyes for joy and emotion.
Thanks Dr. Alberto Bellone