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ICL Phakic Lenses for Presbyopia – Blue Eye Milano

We are in the Blue Eye headquarters in Via Pantano 2 in Milan, on the first floor, in the diagnostic section. Behind me, we have the latest-generation interferometer, an OCT of the anterior and posterior segment that is used to measure the eye and therefore a biometric instrument that has its main application in the preoperative diagnostics of cataract surgery.

But not only that: the instrument behind me also serves to detect all the parameters that are essential in the preoperative preparation of the patient who must undergo a phakic lens implant.

We are waiting for the upcoming latest generation Visian ICL phakic lenses, which also cover presbyopic defects. They are lenses that have been tested in recent months and that will soon be put on the market.

There is great expectation for the ICL phakic lens that can also correct presbyopia because it has a large field of application. Let’s remember that ICL lenses are lenses that are added to the eye, so they are a conservative therapy of vision defects and they can be inserted in myopic, farsighted, or astigmatic patients, however, they have an application ranging from 20 to 45 years of age. I do extend this application even afterward, that is, if the elevated myopic patient does not have cataracts, I then implant the ICL even at 50/55 years of age, because I think that the removal of the lens is too aggressive a therapy in a myopic eye and, of course, this causes the patient to be presbyopic afterward.

Finally, when we have presbyopic ICL lenses available, we will be able to tell the myopic and presbyopic patient that we will remove his myopia without damaging the eye because we will add something by not removing the lens and therefore not exposing the eye itself at risk of retinal detachment. Moreover, at the same time, we will insert a lens into the eye that will allow us to see closely.

So, we are waiting to have this new lens in hand and we hope that the company will give us support as soon as possible to be able to implant it and launch it on the market, especially here in Milan, where we think we will have a great response.

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